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Granite Bay High School Photography Display at Quarry Ponds

Monday, May 10th, 2010

This week, when you swing by Peets for a quick caffeine fix, please take a moment to check out the fantastic photography displayed on the walls of the Market Hall.  These stunning images are shot by two Granite Bay High School students, Kandace Ries and Kelly Matheson. 

Their Granite Bay High School photography teacher, Steve Fischer, explained that the intention and reward of his class is that at the end, his students learn not only to photograph, but also to market and sell their pictures.  This class is run like a business – during the school year, students pay for their supplies and overhead (frames, mats, etc.).  At the end of the year, they are expected to create a gallery style showing of their work.  They, not the teachers, must make arrangements as to where their artwork can be shown, what type of advertising to do, and how to price their work.  The students then select and hang the pieces for sale, and when the photographs sell, students keep 100% of the profits.

Two very different styles are exhibited.  One of the photographers, Kandace Ries, prefers taking portraits.  She feels that a person communicates through his or her eyes.  I love her haunting black and white close-ups of eyes, with all the crinkles and wrinkles exposed.  As a child, Kandace loved looking at photos shot by her grandfather.  He enjoyed participating in quick draw, and would often photograph the action.  In the future, Kandace plans to be a professional photographer.  Her photographs were taken using a Nikon D40; Kandace’s showcased pieces range from $30-$220 unframed.

The second photographer, Kelly Matheson, favors photographing nature up close.  Even when she does portraits, she prefers to shoot them outdoors, in natural light.  Kelly strives to showcase very fine details that create a visually stunning and layered image.  I love the picture she is holding below - the colors are so sharp and vivid.  She wants to become a teacher, but Kelly knows that photography will be a part of her life – either as a hobby or as a side business.  Kelly used a Nikon D60 for her photographs, and her pictures range from $40-220 framed.

Please support the Granite Bay High School Photography class, and especially these two very talented young women.  Their impressive photographs would be gorgeous in any home! 

Kandace Ries and Kelly Matheson invite you to their showing and reception on Thursday, May 13th, from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Market Place Hall at Quarry Ponds.  

See you there!

(Please excuse my terrible photos – I have a lot to learn!)